Sometimes we just don’t know where to start.

Many entrepreneurs have been told over and over that they need to blog to stay relevant and keep visitors returning to their website but they haven’t put a pen to paper since they were in school.

I have been blogging for 7 years and still struggled to find the right voice for my doula agency when we published our website! Here are some ways I keep myself publishing great content to my business blogs (and yours) on a regular basis!

Try implementing a few of these tips to get yourself on the path to a strong online presence.

Don’t worry if your blog topic of choice has been written about before.

Your insight matters. Your blog is more than just a place to put out new information into the world, it’s a place to share your unique perspective and let people know what you know! Blogging also lets search engines know that your business and your chosen topic are relevant to one another.

Keep a running list of great blog topic ideas!

I keep a note in my iPhone where I pause and add any topic ideas that I think of throughout the day. You never know when inspiration will strike! Take a minute to jot down your ideas and some points you think will be relative to the topic.


Remember those thought webs they had us create way back in primary school? They’re a great tool for developing ideas and sorting them out.

Know your target market!

Work with a consultant to develop of profile of who you want to work with. You should know your target market like a good friend. What does your target market do? What are their interests? What makes them happy, sad, afraid? What is their favorite food? Incorporate these things into your topics and content.


writing your first blog post (1).png
Set aside time to write regularly.

Schedule time into your planner for writing. Whether it’s weekly or daily, set aside an hour when you wont be disturbed to journal, brainstorm, blog, or write creatively.

Keep a private journal.

A great way to get comfortable writing is to keep a private journal. Write in it daily, even if all you do is document what you did that day or make notes about your favourite moments. Keeping a private journal will help you get more comfortable with writing in general.

Find a muse.

Short on ideas? Call a friend who could have insight into your subject matter. If you work with pregnant people, call your pregnant friends (or friends who have given birth) and ask them what they’re struggling with. It’s a great way to find out what information would be relevant to your audience.

Join a forum or Facebook group full of target market individuals!

When creating content for doula businesses, maternity stores, and birth photographers, I often scroll through pregnancy groups and see what people are asking for information about. Then I answer their questions in a blog post (and on the inquiry as well, if appropriate).

Create accountability.

If you want to write a weekly blog, put it out there. Tell a group of your colleagues or supportive friends about your goal and ask them to follow up with you! This can encourage you to stick with it.

Hire it out.

If blogging just is not your thing, or you’d rather focus on the other areas of your business, you can hire a blogger to create content for your business blog. Lacey Park Online creates branded posts for your blog that potential clients want to read!

I love inspiring birth industry professionals to blog! It’s one of the most effective tools for marketing a business and getting noticed! Contact me for details on individual coaching, or content packages to suit your brand.


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